1. workother

Link To: workother.com

If your specialty as a freelancer is design, SEO or writing, this platform is excellent for you. This is because you can find hundreds of job opportunities in it, its independent and curated market gives you access to the best independent jobs.

  • Why use workother instead of Fiverr?

In this platform you will find a wide variety of categories, there are independent works in areas such as IT and programming, graphics and multimedia design, translation, data entry and management, writing, finance and accounting, marketing, SEO and SEM, and much more. In workother you will find the ideal job for you.

In addition, workother offers you the opportunity to find independent jobs in your local area. Regardless if you reside in Dubai, New York, India or Mexico, you can find a lot of independent jobs.

workother: Pros

  • Access to a wide range of independent jobs with the possibility of using filters such as independent works by a city to find jobs in your local area.
  • A wide variety of categories to choose from, design, SEO, content writing and much more.
  • workother is one of the largest platforms for finding freelance jobs.

workother : Cons

  • Its processing fee is high compared to most of the freelance platforms that can be found.

2. Toptal

Toptal Freelancer website for beginners

Link To: toptal.com

This innovative platform for freelancers accepts only 3% of the thousands of people who send requests monthly to enter it. This means that if you join Toptal as an independent professional, you can attract clients with high salaries and enjoy jobs with an impressive payment.

  • Why use Toptal instead of Fiverr?

Due to its rigorous selection process, if you join Toptal you will have access to a large number of clients who offer excellent jobs with a good payment.

You will have access to world-class companies and new companies. Toptal has been used by large companies such as Zendesk, Airbnb, Shopify, in order to find independent professionals around the world, this means that you will have the opportunity to earn money working for the best companies in the world, as well as helping you to increase your portfolio in the future.

Toptal: Pros

  • You will gain access to your network of clients with high salaries.
  • It offers the opportunity to work with world-class companies such as Zendesk, Airbnb, Shopify.
  • Toptal is known for offering projects with a high commission, you can receive a higher payment than in other platforms for each successful project.

Toptal : Cons

  • Its selection process is very rigorous, only 3% of applicants enter the platform monthly. Due to this, the possibilities are limited, especially for those people who just start as freelancers.

3. Twine

Twine Freelancer website for beginners

Link To: twine.fm

In this platform you will find from marketing services to application development and music, you can find a lot of tasks and projects that relate to your skills.

  • Why should you use Twine?

You will get very well paid jobs as a freelancer on this platform. There is a list of typical independent work rates for various categories in Twine so you have an idea of how much you could earn in it.

  • Graphic designer: $ 150-500
  • Videographer: $ 200-1000
  • Illustrator: $ 150-500
  • Editor: $ 100-500
  • Animator: $ 200-1000
  • Web Developer: $ 300-800
  • Music producer: $ 100-500

This platform is excellent for those people who are highly creative, such as musicians, artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers. People with high development in these skills will find a wide variety of jobs in which they will earn a good sum of money.

Twine : Pros

  • There is no processing fee in Twine because it charges a fee in advance to customers.
  • This platform was designed especially for designers and artists to find a large number of projects.
  • High pay projects that go from $ 100.

Twine : Cons

  • It is a very difficult platform for beginners with limited skills since it will be quite difficult to find clients and projects.

4. Guru

Guru Freelancer website for beginners

Link To: guru.com

The platform of Guru.com is really easy to use; you will not have complications to enter it. It allows employers to choose very quickly an independent professional with the necessary skills for their work, to reach an agreement and start the project.

Thanks to Guru’s control panel, the management of projects is simplified, allowing quick and efficient communication to follow up on the project and work time.

  • Why use Guru as alternatives?

This is one of the most reliable companies in the market, it is used by millions of people around the world. Guru.com has paid more than 250 million dollars to independent professionals since its inception, with more than 1 million jobs completed.

In addition to this, you will find job offers using several options, such as charging per hour, charging for recurring payments, charging when completing certain milestones, charging for tasks and many more options. This platform also gives you the opportunity to find work in progress if you want to pursue a career in independent work.

Guru: Pros

  • This platform provides access to hourly tasks, recurring tasks, milestone tasks and much more.
  • You will find hundreds of publications in its giant network of independent works. You will find jobs in almost all categories.
  • Guru is one of the most reliable platforms that exist, they have paid more than 250 million dollars so far.
  • This platform is used by more than 3 million people around the world.

Guru : Cons

  • You need to be a trusted freelancer on the platform to obtain high-paying projects.

5. SEOClerks

SEOClerks freelance websites for beginners

Link To: seoclerk.com

If you are a freelancer and you are an SEO specialist, this platform has everything you are looking for. SEOClerks is specially designed to find hundreds of potential jobs related to SEO, where you can help your customers optimize the traffic of their search engines and increase the visibility of their searches and website sales.

  • Why should you use this platform as Fiverr alternatives?

It is made exclusively for people specialized in independent works related to SEO, where you will find jobs related to SEO such as:

  • Link building services
  • Search engine traffic
  • SEO
  • Services related to the site
  • Off-site services and much more.

SEOClerks : Pros

  • SEOClerks is an exclusive platform for freelancers specialized in SEO.
  • It offers a unique opportunity to excel in the field of SEO, working together with small, medium and large companies.
  • You can find a wide variety of tasks and projects because the SEO industry grows more and more over time and people use SEOClerks to outsource their work.

SEOClerks : Cons

  • In this platform, 20% commission is charged to the self-employed.
  • SEOClerks is limited only to people who offer services related to SEO.